Courage Principle Resources

I have added some interactive components to this guide to help go deeper into The Courage Principle. For example, you can hang your grounding quotes in your office or bedroom as a visual reminder of what you learned while working on your personal courage. This icon will help you find all the interactive content like videos, blogs, or podcasts.

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Courage Examples
Stories of courage from real people and quotes to inspire and encourage you during your journey.


Activity Sheets
These activity sheets are designed to help you think about your influence, strategies, and opportunities to be courageous.


Audio and Video

Audio and video content about displaying your courage.


A Bundle of Courage     

Leadership Retreat 

“A Bundle of Courage” is a digital leadership retreat for CEOs, non-profit leaders, educators, students, and social activists who intend to spark change and cultivate better communities.

This bundle is designed to help leaders identify their influence, stand on their core values, and activate their courage as they launch platforms, lead organizations, or run companies. As a bonus, I am sharing the Soulversation Series with you. Soulversations are conversations with remarkable people who changed the way I serve and lead.

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The Entrepreneurial Accelerator

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator is designed to support aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners as they catapult from concept to the commercial sphere. Our program emphasizes serving low to moderate-income earners, people of color, and women. The Entrepreneurial Accelerator addresses the challenges faced by businesses attempting to commercialize their skill sets, discoveries, or innovations make it almost impossible even for feasible business ideas to survive and grow.

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